Making a visual difference in Education

Your Guide to Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage harnesses a number of benefits for a vast range of market sectors. Along with the education sector, we work with business, retail and healthcare clients to source the technology that enables them to embrace reduced printing costs, increased lead generation and better customer experiences. The education sector is becoming more and more technologically driven, and as well as improving learning for students, technology is being used to improve experiences for staff, students and visitors outside of the classroom.

Digital signage has a number of uses in schools, many of which we will explore in this blog post. Read on to discover all you need to know about digital signage in schools, and find out whether investment in such technology is right for your education environment.

The benefits of digital signage in education

Digital signage use is one area that is booming in schools, colleges and universities around the world, and for good reason. This relatively new, flexible technology is already being used to improve efficiency and productivity within educational environments to unlock a number of real benefits. Whilst different schools will no doubt have differing objectives for their adopted signage solutions, digital signage use has been proven to enhance the education process sector wide.

In addition to providing easy wayfinding throughout campuses, digital signage has facilitated better communication and interaction, two factors that are integral to the success of any school setting. Use of digital signage technology has also resulted in enhanced student engagement and improved information delivery. Digital signage technology is your school’s route to a stronger and more unified culture, an experience that can be shared with not just with staff and students but individuals visiting your school courtesy of your carefully placed, information rich, interactive displays.

Digital signage use in schools

Thanks to their editable, easy to manage, customisable and flexible features, digital signage displays can be used throughout schools. From reception areas and staff rooms to canteens and common rooms, digital signage can provide a great way to communicate with all individuals around the school, including students, staff and visitors.
Digital signage can be used effectively to display school news, welcome information, directions, room change information, lunch time menus (including allergy information), after school clubs, academic achievements and work examples from pupils, and videos and photos of school events. Choose from standard or interactive touch screen displays to alter your experience accordingly.

Sourcing the right signage solution

With a variety of digital signage options available, selecting the right system for your specific application isn’t always easy. Considering what you want to achieve from digital signage use, what content you want to display, which screen type will be most suitable for your application, and what your budget will allow may help to define your decision.
As experts in digital signage for education, our specialists are on hand to advise you throughout the selection process to ensure you find the signage solution that works for your school. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or visit our online store.